Work Samples

Missouri rejects federal money to further restrict abortion

[National Public Radio, March 2017]

“A new Missouri law cuts off a line of funding to all organizations that provide abortions in the state, including hospitals.” (see more)


From Ferguson: Locked In

[KWMU, August 2014]

“We met the Moore family in the middle of the night, after running from tear gas and gunfire during Sunday night’s clash between police and protestors. Stranded a mile from our cars, we knocked on the door of a house with the lights still on. Irma Moore let us in.” (see more)


Evictions Looming for Des Moines Homeless

[KSUI, June 2014]

“Just south of downtown Des Moines, and tucked away from the families and bicyclists visiting Grey’s Lake, six people live under the Martin Luther King Bridge.

“It’s a lot scarier than people think,” says 52-year-old Bonnie Schroeder.” (see more)


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